WCPSS Accelerated Reading (AR) Requirements

Attention Parents and Guardians

Please inform all students to make sure they have taken the STAR Reading Test.  Students grades 1-8 must go online and read books on MyOn and take tests on for Accelerated Reader.

Please inform the students that the programs are on one website.  The website is:


WCSD-83RP is the Renaissance ID

Students were not responsible for AR points the 1st 9-Weeks, in which they were awarded the 10% due to getting adjusted to virtual learning.

This 9 weeks (the second 9 weeks), students are responsible for getting their AR points.  Please encourage your students to read, test, and get their AR points prior to the end of this 9 weeks.  The Second 9-weeks ends on January 25, 2021.

Below is a breakdown of AR point requirements for students based on their grade level:

1st Grade - 5 points

2nd Grade - 10 points

3rd Grade - 15 points

4th Grade - 20 points

5th Grade - 20 points

6th Grade - 20 points

7th Grade - 25 points

8th Grade - 25 points

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school.