Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for ALL

Dear Parents and Students of WCPSS: 

Over the past months, the Wilcox County Public School System has worked diligently to create safe environments for employees, students, and families.  Vaccinations have been made available to all employees. Buildings are being sanitized daily, and other measures as per CDC guidelines are being used to ensure proper social distancing.  

Beginning Thursday, April 8, 2021, the WCPSS will be returning to school utilizing the Blended Virtual Option and the current Home-based Virtual Option where instruction will be provided daily.  We strongly encourage parents to consider the Blended Virtual Option to overcome various academic challenges among some students or perhaps to enrich/accelerate student achievement.  High school students currently using Edgenuity may continue with Independent Online Learning Option. 

With the Blended Virtual Option, students will be returning to the classroom two days per week based upon the location of the communities in which students reside.  The communities will be divided into two groups referred to as >span class="bumpedFont15">Scholars and the Achievers.  >span class="s16"> will report to the school sites for instruction on Mondays and Tuesdays; the Achievers will report to school sites on Thursdays and Fridays for instruction.  On days that students do not report to the school sites, students will be expected to log–in with teachers for instruction.  

For individuals who choose the Home-based Virtual Option currently in place, students will still be required to log-in with teachers for instruction at the designated times communicated by the administrators and teachers.  Parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s attendance and engagement.  

Transportation will be provided for students.  Students will be required to wear their uniform shirts and appropriate pants/skirts. All employees and students will be required to wear masks. Temperatures will be taken daily.  Buses/classroom will be sanitized daily. A link will be provided to parents which will allow them to choose the Blended Virtual Option or the Home-based Virtual Option. Selections should be made by Tuesday, March 30, 2021. Selected options are final.

As always thanks for being a part of the Wilcox County Public School System where “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for ALL Students!”  

Educationally yours, 
André P. Saulsberry, Ed.D.