About Us

Mission Statement

J.E. Hobbs Elementary school mission statement: J. E. Hobbs Elementary School will provide an atmosphere of excellence in academics, creativity and leadership. The faculty, staff, parents and community will work together to ensure that students acquire the skills necessary to become college and career ready. We will encourage all students to become life- long learners, while preparing them to accept the challenges of our global society.

About The School

J.E. HobbsJ. E. Hobbs prides itself in providing our students with lifelong learning experience that will carry them into their future. J. E. Hobbs Elementary School is located in Wilcox County in the rural area of Camden, Alabama. We are one of three elementary schools in Wilcox County. The enrollment of the school is over 500 students. This makes J. E. Hobbs Elementary School the largest elementary school in the county. Parent involvement is strongly encourage through the use of notes home, requested conferences, parent volunteers, all calls to keep parents abreast of current events at the school and monthly newsletters. J. E. Hobbs Elementary School is constantly researching innovative ways to enhance instruction and learning. We have also adopted the Rigor and Relevance Framework as a means of supporting teachers in building an environment conducive for well-developed learners.