Sales Tax Exempt Status

Wilcox County Board of Education (Wilcox County Public Schools) is exempt from the payment of Alabama Sales Tax as accorded by Section 40-23-4(11). Code of Alabama 1975 as amended, and further clarified in Alabama Department of Revenue Regulation 810-6-3-.47.03.

A Certificate of Exemption is unnecessary and does not exist due to the statutory exemption granted by the State of Alabama.

In addition the same sales and use tax exemption applies to all public schools that are under the jurisdiction of Wilcox County Board of Education.

If you have questions or would like to request a Sales Tax Exemption Number and/or the Federal Tax Identification Number, please contact the Chief School Financial Officer, Barbara Locke at 334.682.4716 or via email at boelocke@wilcox.k12.al.us