Welcome to the Wilcox County Schools Federal Programs Department. This department provides support to the district schools, teachers, and students through programs funded by Title I, Title II, Title VI, and Homeless. We believe our programs, combined with skilled and supportive program staff members, are helping the district achieve both its vision of providing excellence and equity for all and its mission of developing productive members of a diverse and changing society.

ABC Elementary, F.S. Ervin Elementary, G.W. Watts Elementary, J.E. Hobbs Elementary, Camden School of Arts and Technology (CSAT), and Wilcox Central High School are all Title I schools. This means they receive federal money to improve the schools. Administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and other community members have collaborated to plan and implement strategies for making Wilcox County Schools the best they can be. Committees worked diligently to develop the Title I Plan, Parental Involvement Plan and Parent's Right-To-Know Policy. These plans are complete and available for review. Click on the links above or visit Central Office. School-specific plans ( Continuous Improvement Plan, and the Parental Involvement Plan) are available for review at each school, on each school's individual Web site, at the Central Office, and on this website.

Please send any suggestions or additions concerning the CIP, LEA Title 1 Plan, and the Parental Involvement Plan/Policy to

Lashondra Rogers Director of Federal Programs

75 Camden Bypass

Camden Alabama 36726

Copies of the attestations are available for review by the general public in each schools Principals office and in the Board of Educations Federal Programs Office.

Private school officials and/or the public have the right to complain to the State Department of Education, 5348 Gordon Persons Building, 50 N. Ripley Street, PO Box 302191, Montgomery, AL 36130, (Edmund Moore, 334-242-8199) if the local educational agency did not engage in consultation that was meaningful and timely, or did not give due consideration to the views of the private school official..