Business and Finance

Providing financial policy planning to the Superintendent and Wilcox County School Board, as well as coordinating the activities of the following roles and functions:

The Chief Financial Officer (CSFO) ensures the financial stability of the District by managing all financial functions in an efficient and responsive manner. The CSFO provides departments and the public with timely information to assure financial accuracy, accountability and justification.

Provide Financial Reporting Oversight Maintains complete comprehensive financial records and prepares monthly detailed reports of revenues and expenses of the District.

Act as the District’s Comptroller Strives to protect the financial integrity of the District by processing and reporting the financial transactions of the system in compliance with state requirements and generally accepted accounting principals and providing training and consulting opportunities for the system’s fund managers and staff.

Develops and Monitors the District’s Budget Provides financial monitoring and budgetary assistance to the various schools and departments in the District.

Oversees Purchasing Process Ensures that all required purchases of goods and services meet the needs of the District in accordance with all applicable laws.

Provides Oversight of Payroll Processes all of the District’s salary and payroll obligations and the associated deductions, taxes and benefits.

Ensures Internal Audits Provides an independent and objective review and analysis of the District operations to insure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Provides Accounts Payable Oversight Processes all vendor invoices and vendor payments.

Meets General Accounting Requirements Maintains the accuracy of the general ledger and prepare monthly, annual, and other financial reports as required.

Provide Guidance on School District Procedures and Documents Maintains documet procedure library and ensures that procedures meet district requirements.


During School Year - 8:00AM to 4:00PM; Monday through Friday

Summer Hours - 7:00AM to 4:30PM; Monday through Thursday (Closed Fridays)

In order to comply with the Accountability Law, the required financial exhibits have been made available to the public. These reports can be found under Business and Finance, Documents Uploads, Fiscal Accountabilty Report.

* Financial Exhibits A-I-I through A-I-VIII, Funding Reports by Fund Source

* Financial Exhibits A-II-I through A-II-VIII, Funding Reports by Cost Center

* Financial Exhibits A-III-I through A-III-VIII, Funding Reports by Program

Employee Self Service System Link for Employees

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Student Achievement

The Student Achievement data can be found at the ALSDE Website, www.alsde.edu, under the Data Center, Assessment Reports. This data has been disaggregated and is available in several different reports. If questions exist, please contact Ms. Mia Suggs, Ext: 6625.

School Safety and Discipline

The School Safety and Discipline Report, which is the same as the Student Incident Report (SIR), is available for review. If questions exist, please contact Mr. Timothy Strong, Ext: 6626.

If you have questions or concerns please contact CSFO Marcus Lennon, Ext: 6629